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Wholesale Properties

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Ready to Invest? We have wholesale properties just like this one.

Shaker House Fade & ArrowAt Buckeye Home Solutions we are constantly – and generously – marketing for lucrative wholesale investment opportunities.  In fact, prior to improving and subsequently selling properties we’ve purchased, we allow a select group of local investors the opportunity to “Grab A Deal!”

Investors on our list will receive first opportunity to review and evaluate the profitability of each wholesale property and decide whether it would appeal to their respective real estate portfolios.

If you are a real estate investor, buying a quick-turn or a buy and hold property could be the security dollar sign your portfolio needs.

If you are like the rest of America, you are sick and tired of investing in abstract company earnings, or are worried about retirement.  We may be able to help secure your financial future with real estate.

We are all learning that: “An investment you can touch, is a financial future you can hold.”

Our wholesale properties cannot be found on the MLS!  To gain access you must join our list.

Wholesale Properties

Investors in our network regularly are looking to purchase real estate at wholesale prices. Buying a wholesale property is simply purchasing a home at a discount that needs repairs or has other problems with it.
Due to the volume of home owners we work with, we are unable to fix and sell every property we come across.  Instead of passing on these deals, we often find other investors and leave most of the profit on the table for them.  If you would like to be alerted of any new wholesale properties we get in your area, please join our VIP Buyer Network and be the first to know about houses at wholesale prices before we market them to the general public.